Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


I got to hug Star Trek's original crew member, GEORGE TAKEI ! Did you know that he is also an expert sword fighter? Very funny too! We hung out in a private hospitality room filled with rainbow iced pastries and balloons. Good times!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Announcement!

...Stay tuned!

BONUS BLOG POST! Chris Yambar Presents: 52 Captions with "Big Waffle Joe"

1) Odin Loves Waffle House.
2) Damn Cranky Santa.
3) Just Fill These Jugs With Batter. I'll Need A Drink For The Road.
4) Hulk 2099.
5) Trucker Samples Of Stool Run Off For The Kid's Science Project.
6) Can't Find His Penis.
7) Craig's List Hook Up.
8) Bob Seager.
9) Likes Big Jugs.
10) Subscribes To Plumpers.
11) Scares Janitor In A Drum.
12) Sat on own lap for Christmas.
13) Foghorn Butthorn.
14) Hires Midgets To Tie Shoes.
15) Mother Has Same Beard.
16) Jiffy Pop.
17) Pees In Tub.
18) Wipes With Curtain.
19) Finger Nails Double As Lunchbox.
20) Mother, Jugs & Speed.
21) Cookie Monster.
22) Pole Dancer.
23) Will Work For Air.
24) Shirt By Omar The Tent Maker.
25) Rodeo Clown.
26) Uses Beach Blanket As Napkin.
27) Jesus Got Kinda Fat.
28) Has A Chubby.
29) Thank God For Super Chair!
30) Bottle Fed Baby.
31) Uses Cat Box At Petco.
32) Nudist.
33) Wears Canoe For Hat.
34) Fresca.
35) Reorder on Pages 3, 4 and 6.
36) Spongebob Underoos.
37) Full Gospel Preacher.
38) Puts Pants On Using A Squirt Of Pam.
39) Loves Show Tunes.
40) Ball Gag.
41) Played 'Spin The Keg' to Get Kissed.
42) Jim Morrison.
43) Full Moon Fever.
44) Grease Is The Word.
45) Left Tap Shoes In 18 Wheeler.
46) Guy Inside The Barney Outfit.
47) Has Braided Back Hair.
48) Big In Japan.
49) Chews Double Mint Twins.
50) Tri-State Shadow.
51) Ass Has Own Zip Code.
52) Dated Richard Simmons.

* Moral of the story: When I walk into a Truck Stop restaurant DO NOT MAKE A COMMENT ABOUT MY X-MEN SHIRT WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE SOMETHING THEY FOUGHT WAY BACK IN ISSUE # 3 !!! (Insult list completed in less than 25 minutes.)