Sunday, July 1, 2012

My dictation software thinks you are a drunk.

Recently I've been doing a lot of digital / video interviews about my life as an artist and writer. Today I received this thread from the film maker which shows that 1) machines hate me and 2) I will most likely be the next villain for Frank Black in the next Millenium series. I love the way the program grouped the subjects and some of the combinations are priceless. Enjoy!  

Subject: My dictation software thinks you are a drunk.

So I got all the software I need for the new computer to begin editing your video. According to my dictation software, this is how the video interview went:

You should do is watch you as you know you but I like her when I went to you is you whom I know you are you he had been that excited her and I will see you as you are a you a you a you are all whores all as one is clearly part is, as we is you and as you know you as a homeowner know is a revised version is a you will you will you will you will and you and a you and I is you are I'm an writer question and you are well is is a Rev. I'm also a new job as a form to you 30 years was using, or are you Sharon is speaking GG lecturing are you is a you will and is a good visit with you is are you and you yes this is a you would have to guess it is so you are a you as wel and I presume an artist or writer Slovak public crockpot poker I were in a horizontal line. As a profile in the leisure is so I will I will, will go on I work with a lot of different, try to do this you will write you a you a letter, titled a work release. 1002 and Jeannie Popeye is your own Friday is the one which we will be that science fiction graphic mole, writer of the year 2003 for citation I read a graph but a living science fiction of review my body is but yes so I created over 2500 paintings in my days and 87 Chrysler in 1978 1 yeah so what is involved on one or are you just as Joe so you leave here oh and I will submit down only so check tell me about coming out where you want to go there your you just how you all you a half-century old I know is: an energy is there or was this one so I I I is back–look at yeah things little island has that look things little differently now mileage behind me and us that I have to figure 100 and was was the best thing I can do 100 and for the 2nd and comes close if you like the collusion to the self-addressed envelope $25 to figure out, you Leventhal were on will you do a lot of traveling all the people who were concerned about whether doing in the next life they want some direction and one set goals they don't just one city Council watch TV I'm really interested in getting the generation of a moving towards a better potential people need to discover who they really are and I I like it when people come in with their and involve things that they have leverage over ever back memories for them in any remember one you have to what is now thank you they can do that what they can do other or something with you that there is a will to be teacher new school you know that I love you are or how to do fashion lodges on this one so I want people to ask Rondo what you will only like questions and answers and the word is not a direction is known as a contender is in the Divinity and you so unless that is the question what your years of experience with what you have to offer I was always that so him you talking about promoting so you got your mileage and is now you are sure that you sure that you will share the topics I post a share and brainstorm on. Sorrow that we may have thought. Offer I'm talking start I is I like the last little children long walk on the work you are you and why potential is something everybody these little most people know about their picture on the right is a shift in how work is VisualWorks as fashion or 25 and he is a you come to class is all I ask you arena was standing directly behind the WinHelp of literature is that all neurology. You know which time (date and will then people like me I go you should be made like you will will him thought about review periods and what what you can offer what what size you up and new methodology iWork from: and I learned from our former work build machine is still bills my grandfather railroad and the entire business and they were all of God the job rule I will sleazy little work every single day and of them all that which is what you get paid when you showed up 15 min. early is so us out when she got piecemeal and will ALWAYS. YOU to rely on are all employees. Here, you can best reaching me trust to get know as soon as it is now 29th-ones that matter as well for on answer question the new SKU and these are all questions IME this year just over little. Woo hoo overall survival you and I is a part of this better you know source versus the to a proactive casino is the and I like this all all you guess with his PhD is the real know I know universe is weeklong visit you lose control room that question and true everyone in a room who professes me just under $1 million most people in their majors under $1 million somewhere other will. But it also means that Jesus was and he's not capable of of giving you on his thing so that I is not e-mail preliminary reviewer and 16,000 that it talked two-pronged 12 probably 9 or call out to your parties I is working in and credit card you showed your your readers with your soldiers were more than you will you willing is no I said when you are happy are you in your professional life is on fresh limit? All right you I'm doing what what pleases me option is real and original and and making my own about fitting my guess is in a social vision is to as soon as you though little while your phone is which is the foundation for you you do that sure you your ball okay usually can resume. And so I set you straight your other times I have to I have a young girl in high school and she said all is and she says all my mom and my dad a lawyer and law school egg is okay icing with one Jesus on one fact is horribly good she was yeah a good as you know you the guy some really good ideas is okay study in guy's life history viewership you are you doors in holiday services
what own religious feelings. Allen was future is as a she's I consider all assist okay Joe Foley is sure a L job I stuff you I shall came a know the one you like anyhow I learned the power of the from the very early on and if you don't work on his go work at something and become the best will do that euro will fall short you never really happy with yourself and you don't work you free time they would take their guns along with and they were long one long ribbon luncheon and in these the vessel two-fisted the ethical giving up and put your hand while in not playing was passed in now and I will jump a little younger generation someone who I know is that what also learned them the mountains of just a few you know there in the role your your your and after 50 years all I think I all will want to actually thought her class they are in a visual baby losing intertribal they no longer work or do anything vocational and makes them there's no satisfaction a lot of students are going to school right now to get a reasonable make them Walmart will agree donate a 1 Union in and care for number 2/3/all… so, my strife delivered this is to do and should go on over show everything she do if you should profession I wasn't paying for the pain via blank canvas okay so okay I am well over 2500 paintings for over right now and I'm only 50 illuminating and 87 is prior that I can use in commercial art in so for me it's been you know what your hands to get the okay so: it is important I think you are ever in your life Weathers your occasion was a work with the family you work for the good in question that only you and your mom also said that all some people out as well as usage and only art or writing or a spiritual substance was used and will get you what time practice a religion water exercise I don't easily, without an end and asking what I do for a living is watching for any of my time to find out that I do a lot of things for you on the same I'm an artist that's what I do best way to go here with the box process. Some people think is raising state is a you know all is able to stay without a long-term challenge you to the challenges shown in and yes, just you will you need to and Julia of you still conscious is you this give you the end will get rid of who will Gregory our record will probably get progress through it…… A midnight movie is a totally forgot about those Mad Magazine Volvo had a a a a a you work with I just will you you were do other any specific speaking experiences washer identity has an interesting experience the art school you spoke words; the students challenge you on you will get world you always gives on the way so you loss at why he's there because of the success and usually have the most such as he doesn't really have a license for so please read, so that is because blows up at whatever expense cost you whatever you do a ruse ruse as you your will flow to boxes partial freedom to to go for this strong will a you find is usually a judicial is unlocking the jobs locations and in the lives that they don't want to be associated with their eyes. Her father is the Jordan work if I take and grow a joy to work will or do what I can do something people should shouldn't go through life without having I did is really one of model is wrong is dualism is the greatest I do that if you say your are a Savior artist, as you do is hop is or is on your just as you become and find there is important work. If you were really good well in your platform from which the same when you do something for a long time over there and so you do very yet hopefully and if you're not you will I will quit find what you're supposed no one to to enjoy reasons for quantities also concluded your most successful experiences where I was going to wait and talk about what made it the success often times people to call on all in your illusion in life is that there is a box on wall or the possibility working on one walk and one from a page of absolute and ones that recognize all you wanted really direction will so promising, that limits are the walls of a box which is a #… run free you God you people always busy with views and innovation you have poor self-esteem and identity as phasing people hold you know about yourself and you believe of that were so okay there's all I have for the illegal wall waiver and math is needed for walls and roof. Anything that you getting from parcel God in or soldiers that I've also been involved in ministry for an individual but also about your little you will be involved in street level ministry a sociopath as usual director and there is a one half world all things that are you I also have seen not to be able to separate the statement from the secular as that makes you schizophrenic I think is ordinary things right in her who worship her. Whether I can show you speaking with you one thing to you. You are okay there is probably why is everything the word

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